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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Super dog supplements!

I peruse a lot of dog forums, especially about nutrition. A few months ago I discovered an unsolicited endorsement of powdered supplements that enticed me to try it on my dogs. It was Vibrant Pets which has a secret combo of brewer's yeast, calcium, digestive enzymes (probiotics) and vitamins and minerals - a reasonable proposition.

The author of the endorsement was feeding "Show Dog" formula to her Sheltie puppy so I ordered it for Milli (who was only a few months old at the time). For the older dogs, I ordered Canine Athlete Ultimate Formula, which certainly describes my 9-year-old Boomer but not my 16-year-old Cosmo who sleeps all day. Nonetheless, that was the formula recommended for older dogs (there is now a Senior Formula but it looks a lot like the Ultimate).

I can't say that my dogs perked up and ran circles around their old energy level, but I can say their eyes are brighter and Cosmo in particular is more alert. That's important for an elder statesmen like him.

Milli is, of course, Milli. She's a puppy for Pete's sake. She's energetic beyond all reason. And Boomer, who is slowing down due to serious hip dysplasia, is paddling right behind her. They have a great time together - keeps him young.

The supplements were important to me because with a home cooked diet I wasn't sure I was getting all the right balance of nutrients. This is my safety net. All my dogs LOVE mealtime...and they eat the supplement right along with it. Sprinkle it on the food, mix in a little water and they chow down like ...well, chow hounds.

You might give it a try. I ordered mine from Amazon (free shipping was the reason). It's not cheap - the big containers (48 oz) are about $100 but they last a LOOOONG time. There is a video on the Vibrant Pets site that compares popular supplements which is also pretty convincing.

The claim is that Vibrant Pets can help poor digestion, allergies, skin problems, arthritis (they have a new hip and joint formula) hot spots, shedding (my dogs' coats have thickened up a lot since they started on VP).

Anyway, wanted to pass it along ... I'm keeping my dogs on it. Can't hurt and might be doing a LOT of good.
Sheltie hugs

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