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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sophie, er Muffy, er, Fluffy...

Sophie in the hostas 2012

MFH Victor (that's My Favorite Husband) has taken to calling Sophie "Muffy" or "Fluffy" which is confusing the heck out of her. Our special gal has finally made herself at home at Heather Ridge Court and now sits on the sofa like a queen. Victor thinks she is a snob - won't run and play with Milli except when the spirit moves her. So he dubbed her Muffy, an appropriate country club kind of name.

The truth is that Sophie (or Soffers, as I have nicknamed her) isn't a snob; she was never taught to interact with humans. She was raised in a kennel specifically so she would produce blue merle puppies as beautiful as she. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for her, her first litter of puppies were born with serious heart defects so she couldn't be bred again.

The breeder said, and I quote, "Two years, down the drain!" That killed me. We took her home that afternoon, only a few days after Boomer unexpectedly died of undiagnosed pancreatic cancer. She was a mess at first - wouldn't allow us to pick her up, wouldn't go through open doors, didn't know how to climb stairs or be sociable. I worried that we'd never bond to her.

Ten months later, I am happy to report that she is thriving, playing, eating excellent home cooked meals and wears a smile most of the time and is easing into agility classes.

So why did I write this post? To make sure Sophie gets her due on these pages. She's become a honey and has won our hearts - can't imagine life without her....

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  1. This is so heartwarming, Linda! I'm so glad you took little "Muffy" in and helped her live a good life.